Friday, October 25, 2013

Filling Up An Empty Wall

We have lived in our house for about 2-3 months now and I am slowly but surely filling up all the empty walls I can. It's finally starting to fill up and I am just LOVING it! :)

In our dining room entry way...we have this MASSIVE empty wall space and I could not decide what we wanted to do with it. I wish I would have taken a before photo to show the wall but I completely forgot.

We just got back from Hawaii and I wanted to frame some of the photos that we took there and display them around the house. But, I really didn't have anywhere to put them because I had so many other frames everywhere I decided to tackle the bare wall.

Initially when I went to Hobby Lobby I got 14 of the same frame but different sizes. I thought I would go for a simple look and have all the same frame just turned different ways etc. In that room I have a really beautiful large dark wood dining table with eight chairs and a hutch. Very minimal decoration going on in there. 

So after standing in Hobby Lobby for a while and talking to a coworker...she convinced me to go the rustic route with my frames. I found that my taste at home has turned REALLY rustic. Lots of burlap. She told me that I needed to venture out and add some color. So, I decided to do it!

Here's what I started with...

Make sure you head to Hobby Lobby when these babies are on sale! 50% off was heaven!!! 

I laid them out how I thought they were going to go...and with the help from my boyfriend we went a different route.

I also had some sconces that have been sitting in a spare room since we moved in and I thought maybe it would be nice to incorporate them into the turned out awesome! 

Here's the finished product...

Not the best picture quality...I was literally almost on top of my table trying to take this picture! Eventually I will add some more to the tops, bottoms, and sides. The wall is still a little empty looking. 

Also, a little tip for hanging...
I used the toothpaste trick. Where you place toothpaste on the back where the hanger is and place it on the wall where you want it. That way you know exactly where to place the nail. Best trick I've ever learned! :)

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