Thanks for stopping by!
I am a 26 year old from Houston, Texas.
By day I have an Inside Sales job that I just recently started and I'm loving.
Before that, I was going to school and bartending on the side.
Needless to say, I am SO glad to be out of that business finally!

This is my perfect little puppy named Zoey. 
She is absolutely everything to me! 

And this is my most recent addition Diesel. :)

I like to say that I am an old soul. 
I have a huge love for things old, and I am obsessed with Johnny Cash!
As you can see by the wall in my house. (Not yet completed).

I started this blog because I wanted to come out of my shell a little bit.
I have always been super sociable and I could basically talk to a wall.
But, what I am most afraid of is being judged and that has made me really stay in my shell in some sense.
So, I figured making this blog would help me become more comfortable with myself!



  1. Nice to meet you!! Congrats on the new house, best thing EVER!

    xo Kylie

    1. So nice to meet you too! I just love your blog! :)

  2. A Johnny Cash Wall.. what a great idea! I would love to do something like that with John Lennon and/or the Beatles!

    1. Thanks Jamie! Beatles would be good too! I am hoping to expand that wall for sure! :)

  3. I love that you love Johnny Cash! My dad was a huge country fan....we were raised on Johnny and other country artists!

  4. Thanks Vicki! I'm a huge fan! :) Nice to see someone appreciates it!

  5. I LOOOVVVEEEEE Johnny Cash!!! I bought those stamps too to put in a frame but they haven't quite made it there yet. Oops! I also thought about a shadow box too for my small collection. Zoey is precious! Found you thru Sunday Social :o)

    1. Aw! Love that others are loving Johnny Cash as much as me! I hope to get some more collectibles here soon! I need to add to my wall! :) Stopping by your blog now!

  6. I love Johnny Cash as well! One of my favorites.