Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Golden Globe Faves

Loved loved a ton of looks this year at the Golden Globes! I just wanted to post just a few of my favorite looks this year. I always get excited to see who is going to be a hit and who is going to be a miss. There were a couple of dresses I wasn't really a fan of this year...but, I'll keep those to myself!

To start off my favorites, I just LOVED Lea Michele in this dress by Elie Saab.

It must have been her recent trip to Hawaii that made her skin just glow against the white of this dress that made it perfection. I am a huge fan of hers anyways but I think this was a perfect choice for her. The slit in the leg made her look taller and lean. Just beautiful.

Next, this coral dress by Oscar de la Renta that Jessica Alba wore was such a stunner on her! 

The color is perfect on her skin tone and I just love the ombre hair color. I would love to know what lip color she used cause I think it looks great on her skin tone as well. She always has killer dresses!

So, I have mixed feelings about this dress on Taylor Swift. It's by Donna Karan. 

I think that it's a very sophisticated look for her which I think is perfect for the night it was and for not being a music award show. So, props to her on that. I think the eggplant color was a little bore with her being so young, maybe she could have chosen a fun color like red which was really popular that night. But, it was  a nice change for her and her hair looked great!

Lastly, my FAVE look of the night...Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad.

I mean does she not look FLAWLESS in this dress. The lace is in all the right places, her hair is fantastic and old hollywood glam. I just fell in love with this dress and this look. She couldn't have done better. And the make up she was wearing was perfection! 

Favorite Lip Product

I just wanted to share about a product I am really excited about right now. I am super super picky about lipsticks and lip products. I can't stand cheap ones that don't last and I am super picky about colors. :)

Well, I found a product I am just in love with!
It's by Revlon and they are the Lip Butters.

This is one of the best lipsticks I've come across. They have GREAT colors, they go on smooth and have a little bit of an almost "gloss" with the color. They are just fantastic!

They look like this...

And, can I add that I love the packaging. I think they look so chic!

You can find these at any of your local drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc.
I've paid about $6.39 for each of mine. I've bought some from Walgreens and some from Target. I found that my local Target carries more colors than my Walgreens did, maybe because they were out.

I suggest anyone with fair to light skin to try the Pink Truffle. It's a really pretty everyday color. 
Also, I bought Berry Smoothie, which is a light pink with a hint of peach almost.

For fun, I got Raspberry Pie, it's a really pretty pink/purple bright color perfect for a night out!

Check those out if you're looking for an awesome wearable lipstick!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Coastal Scents Make Up

I have heard about Coastal Scents for the longest time. I haven't however, purchased any of their products. That is, until tonight! :)

I was catching up on some make-up tutorials and of course I was watching the fabulous MakeUpByTiffanyD on YouTube. Well, she has a video on contouring and highlighting using the Coastal Scents 6 Contour Blush Palette.

I've noticed that Coastal Scents stuff is always pretty affordable but I went to their site to check out this palette and was so excited to see that they were on sale! The palette which is usually about $20.00 was on sale for $11.37. Which, I think is cheap for the size of the palette and for the amount of product you get.

It looks like this...
It has three really pretty looking highlight colors. One that is more white, one more pink, and one more yellow. It also has that awesome contouring color and then two blush colors. 
So, I am really excited to check out this palette and use it and I am so glad that their products are on sale and I got it for a steal.

Since their stuff was on sale, I decided to buy one more product that I see a lot of people using...I couldn't pass it up.
It's the 78 Shadow Blush Palette. 

Now, I am assuming that this palette will be similar to the ones that Sephora comes out with, the eyeshadows look like they will be small but I think the colors look really pretty and I can't wait to mess with those.

I also thought it was really cool that it came with a few larger eyeshadows that are more of a daily, natural kind of colors to choose from. So, that's a plus!

Lastly, I was super excited to see that it had six different blushes. I usually don't splurge on blushes. I find a few that I really like and I continually buy those and I never venture out. So, it's going to be nice to check these out and try some new colors!

Again, this was also on sale for $11.37. What a steal!

So check them out! It's Coastal Scents

Monday, January 7, 2013

Target + Neiman Marcus Marc Jacobs Clutch

I was so excited when I heard Target was teaming up with Neiman Marcus.

They had a ton of really awesome mash-ups but the one I was really excited about was the Marc Jacobs collab.
I think Marc Jacobs makes some really awesome clutches and hand bags and so when I saw they came out with a clutch I was excited.

The bag originally was $60.00. Which, is a great deal already. I didn't buy it first but then I went to my Target and saw that the entire Target + Neiman Marcus line was 70% off which meant that the little clutch I didn't buy...is now SUPER cheap. How cheap? $20.99 cheap! 
So, I picked one up and texted each of my friends who I knew would love it to go get one and if they didn't I would disown them. :)

Needless to say, they went and got one too. I got the silver metallic and my sister picked up the rose gold. I like the gold too but, I already have a gold clutch I love so, I passed on it. I think it's a deal too great to pass up! 

This is the gold : Target Marc Jacobs Gold Clutch

And this is the rose gold : Target Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Clutch

Ikea "Alex" Organization Drawers

I am super super obsessed with MakeupByTiffanyD's YouTube channel and blog, and just recently she posted a video of how she is organizing her make up...and I was so inspired that I drove an hour to our Ikea and bought the same organization drawers. 

It's called the Alex and it comes in either black or white.
I chose the black because it went with my dark wood furniture better.
She chose the white and you can see it here: ]
MakeupByTiffanyD Organization

I literally put it together all by myself and I thought it was pretty simple. Took some time and it was super heavy to carry up my stairs, but I did it without the boyfriends help! :)

I wanted something to organize all my make up in and anything else I had floating around. I had another organization drawer set up but it was old and I had broken it and this was just perfect. It also cleared up a lot of space on my dresser. So, I'll show you what I did with it, and I am thinking I might organize my perfumes like she did on top but, not sure yet. 

She also got two of the white and stacked them on each other. I'm just working with one right now.

Here's mine...
I put all my lotions and hair products in the corner here and had a glass jar that usually has my hair brushes, teasing combs, etc. I also just randomly stuck my hair dryer in there to get it out of the way and my bobby pink and hair tie box.

In this drawer, I put all my eyeshadow pallettes and single eyeshadows, mascaras, lashes, etc.

This is actually the top drawer...I found this awesome ring organizer at a local jewelry store for $6.00 and put all my rings in there...also my boxed jewelry and jewelry I haven't worn and a few of my Michael Kors watches. I think that this thing could be awesome for organizing someone's whole jewelry collection. The sliding drawers are awesome.

In this drawer I put all of my lipglosses, lipsticks, etc. I also put my face products like powders, bronzers, foundations, blushes. It all fits really nicely in there.

Lastly, I have a drawer with all of my hair accessories...and then I added all of my nailpolishes to get them out of the way, I might move the nailpolishes to the bottom drawer which holds my straighteners, and curling irons...but that works for me for now.

Anyway, I thought this was the best thing I purchased in a while. I'm all about being organized and this just made me super happy! 

You can visit an Ikea store for this or purchase it online it is $119.00.

Kate Spade Glitter Clutch

I have just recently started checking out Kate Spade items. 
I used to think that some of her stuff was a little hag...no offense. 
I know she has a lot of classic pieces but I always like stuff that's a little fun or if I'm going to spend money on a bag it'll be something else.
But, I have to say, the Kate Spade website has some awesome sales, and I also really like the bags they have right now. 

I was looking for something fun after Christmas and I came across this little clutch and I thought it was so so so cute.

It's just a big glitter mess of a clutch that I'm just in love with! 
The price on it was originally $98.00 and it is now on sale for $68.00. 
They just recently had a promotion that was 25% off the already marked sale prices. I noticed it wasn't still going on today but, I'm sure they will be doing something soon. 

So, I got it for around $50.00 which I thought was awesome. It should arrive tomorrow and I can not wait! 

And btw, Kate Spade offers FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states! 

Juicy Couture Winter Sale

Juicy Couture is having an amazing, awesome, exciting sale right now. At least I am super super excited about it. 

They are taking an extra 50% off all sale items right now. So far, I've been on their site a few times in the last couple weeks and the sale is still going on.
I check back every few days because the sale items change, or the colors of certain items change giving you different options.

I just wanted to share a couple of the things I purchased...

I am so so in love with this ring. It came in the cutest box and is super blingy which I love.
The ring is originally $48.00. On sale it's $24.99 and with the extra 50% off the final price is $12.49.
It comes in Crystal, Yellow Diamond, Pink, Light Green, and Navy.
Like I said though, the colors change daily.

The next thing I purchased was this beautiful bracelet.

Again, I love the bling and I think the added crystals on the toggle clasp are beautiful.
I thought that the bracelet would be more of a rose gold from the color on the website but it's more brown than anything. I think I'm going to pair this with my gold Michael Kors watch.

Going back to the website, I think I'm going to purchase the bracelet in black as well.
The bracelet is originally $88.00. On sale it's $44.99 and with the extra 50% off the final price is $22.49.
The bracelet I thought would come in a box, but it comes in a little hot pink Juicy Couture sack. Very cute.

The colors on this bracelet change so frequently from day to day...the colors available now are Raspberry and Black.

The bracelet has a matching necklace as well. It looks exactly like the bracelet but larger, I thought about purchasing it as well, but, I figured it'd be a little chunkier than I'd like. But, you can find it here...

It was originally $98.00. On sale it's $44.99 and the final sale price with the 50% off is $24.99.

Super cheap! Now, I'm thinking how can I pass up that necklace!