Friday, January 11, 2013

Coastal Scents Make Up

I have heard about Coastal Scents for the longest time. I haven't however, purchased any of their products. That is, until tonight! :)

I was catching up on some make-up tutorials and of course I was watching the fabulous MakeUpByTiffanyD on YouTube. Well, she has a video on contouring and highlighting using the Coastal Scents 6 Contour Blush Palette.

I've noticed that Coastal Scents stuff is always pretty affordable but I went to their site to check out this palette and was so excited to see that they were on sale! The palette which is usually about $20.00 was on sale for $11.37. Which, I think is cheap for the size of the palette and for the amount of product you get.

It looks like this...
It has three really pretty looking highlight colors. One that is more white, one more pink, and one more yellow. It also has that awesome contouring color and then two blush colors. 
So, I am really excited to check out this palette and use it and I am so glad that their products are on sale and I got it for a steal.

Since their stuff was on sale, I decided to buy one more product that I see a lot of people using...I couldn't pass it up.
It's the 78 Shadow Blush Palette. 

Now, I am assuming that this palette will be similar to the ones that Sephora comes out with, the eyeshadows look like they will be small but I think the colors look really pretty and I can't wait to mess with those.

I also thought it was really cool that it came with a few larger eyeshadows that are more of a daily, natural kind of colors to choose from. So, that's a plus!

Lastly, I was super excited to see that it had six different blushes. I usually don't splurge on blushes. I find a few that I really like and I continually buy those and I never venture out. So, it's going to be nice to check these out and try some new colors!

Again, this was also on sale for $11.37. What a steal!

So check them out! It's Coastal Scents

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