Monday, January 7, 2013

Ikea "Alex" Organization Drawers

I am super super obsessed with MakeupByTiffanyD's YouTube channel and blog, and just recently she posted a video of how she is organizing her make up...and I was so inspired that I drove an hour to our Ikea and bought the same organization drawers. 

It's called the Alex and it comes in either black or white.
I chose the black because it went with my dark wood furniture better.
She chose the white and you can see it here: ]
MakeupByTiffanyD Organization

I literally put it together all by myself and I thought it was pretty simple. Took some time and it was super heavy to carry up my stairs, but I did it without the boyfriends help! :)

I wanted something to organize all my make up in and anything else I had floating around. I had another organization drawer set up but it was old and I had broken it and this was just perfect. It also cleared up a lot of space on my dresser. So, I'll show you what I did with it, and I am thinking I might organize my perfumes like she did on top but, not sure yet. 

She also got two of the white and stacked them on each other. I'm just working with one right now.

Here's mine...
I put all my lotions and hair products in the corner here and had a glass jar that usually has my hair brushes, teasing combs, etc. I also just randomly stuck my hair dryer in there to get it out of the way and my bobby pink and hair tie box.

In this drawer, I put all my eyeshadow pallettes and single eyeshadows, mascaras, lashes, etc.

This is actually the top drawer...I found this awesome ring organizer at a local jewelry store for $6.00 and put all my rings in there...also my boxed jewelry and jewelry I haven't worn and a few of my Michael Kors watches. I think that this thing could be awesome for organizing someone's whole jewelry collection. The sliding drawers are awesome.

In this drawer I put all of my lipglosses, lipsticks, etc. I also put my face products like powders, bronzers, foundations, blushes. It all fits really nicely in there.

Lastly, I have a drawer with all of my hair accessories...and then I added all of my nailpolishes to get them out of the way, I might move the nailpolishes to the bottom drawer which holds my straighteners, and curling irons...but that works for me for now.

Anyway, I thought this was the best thing I purchased in a while. I'm all about being organized and this just made me super happy! 

You can visit an Ikea store for this or purchase it online it is $119.00.

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