Monday, January 7, 2013

Kate Spade Glitter Clutch

I have just recently started checking out Kate Spade items. 
I used to think that some of her stuff was a little offense. 
I know she has a lot of classic pieces but I always like stuff that's a little fun or if I'm going to spend money on a bag it'll be something else.
But, I have to say, the Kate Spade website has some awesome sales, and I also really like the bags they have right now. 

I was looking for something fun after Christmas and I came across this little clutch and I thought it was so so so cute.

It's just a big glitter mess of a clutch that I'm just in love with! 
The price on it was originally $98.00 and it is now on sale for $68.00. 
They just recently had a promotion that was 25% off the already marked sale prices. I noticed it wasn't still going on today but, I'm sure they will be doing something soon. 

So, I got it for around $50.00 which I thought was awesome. It should arrive tomorrow and I can not wait! 

And btw, Kate Spade offers FREE SHIPPING to all 50 states! 

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