Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Favorite Lip Product

I just wanted to share about a product I am really excited about right now. I am super super picky about lipsticks and lip products. I can't stand cheap ones that don't last and I am super picky about colors. :)

Well, I found a product I am just in love with!
It's by Revlon and they are the Lip Butters.

This is one of the best lipsticks I've come across. They have GREAT colors, they go on smooth and have a little bit of an almost "gloss" with the color. They are just fantastic!

They look like this...

And, can I add that I love the packaging. I think they look so chic!

You can find these at any of your local drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc.
I've paid about $6.39 for each of mine. I've bought some from Walgreens and some from Target. I found that my local Target carries more colors than my Walgreens did, maybe because they were out.

I suggest anyone with fair to light skin to try the Pink Truffle. It's a really pretty everyday color. 
Also, I bought Berry Smoothie, which is a light pink with a hint of peach almost.

For fun, I got Raspberry Pie, it's a really pretty pink/purple bright color perfect for a night out!

Check those out if you're looking for an awesome wearable lipstick!

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