Monday, January 7, 2013

Juicy Couture Winter Sale

Juicy Couture is having an amazing, awesome, exciting sale right now. At least I am super super excited about it. 

They are taking an extra 50% off all sale items right now. So far, I've been on their site a few times in the last couple weeks and the sale is still going on.
I check back every few days because the sale items change, or the colors of certain items change giving you different options.

I just wanted to share a couple of the things I purchased...

I am so so in love with this ring. It came in the cutest box and is super blingy which I love.
The ring is originally $48.00. On sale it's $24.99 and with the extra 50% off the final price is $12.49.
It comes in Crystal, Yellow Diamond, Pink, Light Green, and Navy.
Like I said though, the colors change daily.

The next thing I purchased was this beautiful bracelet.

Again, I love the bling and I think the added crystals on the toggle clasp are beautiful.
I thought that the bracelet would be more of a rose gold from the color on the website but it's more brown than anything. I think I'm going to pair this with my gold Michael Kors watch.

Going back to the website, I think I'm going to purchase the bracelet in black as well.
The bracelet is originally $88.00. On sale it's $44.99 and with the extra 50% off the final price is $22.49.
The bracelet I thought would come in a box, but it comes in a little hot pink Juicy Couture sack. Very cute.

The colors on this bracelet change so frequently from day to day...the colors available now are Raspberry and Black.

The bracelet has a matching necklace as well. It looks exactly like the bracelet but larger, I thought about purchasing it as well, but, I figured it'd be a little chunkier than I'd like. But, you can find it here...

It was originally $98.00. On sale it's $44.99 and the final sale price with the 50% off is $24.99.

Super cheap! Now, I'm thinking how can I pass up that necklace!

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