Monday, January 7, 2013

Target + Neiman Marcus Marc Jacobs Clutch

I was so excited when I heard Target was teaming up with Neiman Marcus.

They had a ton of really awesome mash-ups but the one I was really excited about was the Marc Jacobs collab.
I think Marc Jacobs makes some really awesome clutches and hand bags and so when I saw they came out with a clutch I was excited.

The bag originally was $60.00. Which, is a great deal already. I didn't buy it first but then I went to my Target and saw that the entire Target + Neiman Marcus line was 70% off which meant that the little clutch I didn't now SUPER cheap. How cheap? $20.99 cheap! 
So, I picked one up and texted each of my friends who I knew would love it to go get one and if they didn't I would disown them. :)

Needless to say, they went and got one too. I got the silver metallic and my sister picked up the rose gold. I like the gold too but, I already have a gold clutch I love so, I passed on it. I think it's a deal too great to pass up! 

This is the gold : Target Marc Jacobs Gold Clutch

And this is the rose gold : Target Marc Jacobs Rose Gold Clutch

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