Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Social

Here's this weeks Sunday Social!
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Little late to post, couldn't find the time with my busy Sunday to get to my computer! So here goes...

1. What is your ideal way to relax?
Literally doing nothing. I would love to be able to sleep in and just lay on the couch catching up on my DVR and doing absolutely nothing but hang with my bf and furbabies!
2. Where is your favorite place to be?
Anywhere with family! It's always a good time!

3. Who do you consider your biggest role model?
My grandmother. AKA Mimi! I've never met anyone in my life who is so concerned about everyone else and not herself. She's the most beautiful and most giving person I've ever known.
4. What does your life look like in 3 years?
I hope with a ring on my finger, either married or planning one and then some kiddos! :) 

5. If you could go back and change one decision, what would it be?
I don't think I would change anything because I believe everything happens for a reason. 
I'm here where I am today because of the decisions I made and I'm okay with that because life is good! 
6. What is your biggest accomplishment in life thus far?
I would say buying my first home! It was so exciting to be able to do that!

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  1. I am in need of some couch time catching up with my DVR shows as well! No better way to relax!! :)