Monday, March 3, 2014

Valentine's Day Box Bitch Update

Yeah, I said the B word. Oh well...
So, I have been waiting and waiting for a response from the girl who signed up for the Valentine's Day Box Exchange...seeing if she would acknowledge me now that she didn't do what she signed up for.
I sent numerous emails, commented on her blog, asked the host to email which she did because she too didn't even get a box.

If you aren't going to do what you sign up for...DON'T sign up.
Well, I finally got a response from her...she finally left my comment up on her blog and replied.

  1. I see you were nice enough to delete my comments. I REALLY hope you feel REALLY good about yourself signing up for a box exchange and not following through like everyone else did. Just shows you're a shitty person and you shouldn't be doing anything in the blogging world. We are here to support each other and share our thoughts but no one wants them from a shitty person. So, just hope you feel really good about accepting a box I spent hard earned money on and not doing the same in return as was the agreement with the box exchange. You can go ahead and delete this comment too. I'll go ahead and let everyone know not to do an exchange with you again.

    Take care sweetie! :)
  2. oh my comment didnt post, prob bc i replied back through the email. anyways, you take care too hun! :) I can transfer your $5 via paypal if you worked too hard for it. Sorry to hear about that :(
  3. You replied back through email? What email because I never got one? And $5 dollars? That's a joke. I went well over what we were supposed to spend. How can you acknowledge that you signed up for an exchange and didn't complete it? Why did you even sign up if you had no intention of doing what you have signed up for? You're a pretty disgusting person to comment back on here and be so catty when I was just trying to be nice and sign up for an exchange. I bet someone else would have loved to receive a box full of items like I sent. I feel really sorry for people like you. 

Just thought I would share our exchange here. I wasn't going to put her on blast at all but since she was so pleasant I thought why not. 
Some of you might not like what I said, but I stand by it for sure. We are all here to support each other in the blogger world not scam each other.

I sent her a ton of stuff in her box which I am sure someone else would have been thankful an eyeshadow palette, candy, face mask, nail polish, nude color lipstick that she asked for, a little something for her kids, hand sanitizer from BBW, and jewelry from my Etsy shop.

Now, if that all seems like it costs $5, then I'm shocked because I spent way more than that because we were supposed to stay under $10.

Either way, watch out for this one if you get partnered with her...don't expect anything in return and to say I'm a little upset is soo true but, oh well, nothing I can do now but warn people don't mess with her or get teamed up with her for anything.

Although I had such a bad experience, I signed up for a mug swap and I got teamed up with the nicest girl named Michelle from Canada! I can't wait to exchange and I'm thinking she will just LOVE her mug I got custom made for her. :) 

PHEW! Feels good to get that out!  Haha. 
Ya'll have a Happy Monday! 


  1. Booo. People confuse me so much sometimes. This is a prime example!

  2. You are officially my HERO!!! I love that you stood up to her and called her out! YES! You are awesome girl! :) *high five!*

  3. What is this mug swap you speak of because it sounds like a blast!

    Also, you go girl!