Monday, March 3, 2014

2014 Oscars Fashion Faves

I don't know how I did it but I stayed up and watched the entire was pretty good in my opinion. I have ALWAYS loved Ellen and I think her quirky humor is refreshing!
I did bounce back and forth between the two because you know I have to get my Walking Dead in for sure! :)

These were by top favorites:

Sandra Bullock wearing Alexander McQueen. I thought she looked so stunning. The dress is gorgeous on her and I think her hair is just right with it. Timeless!
Cate Blanchett wearing Giorgio Armani. OF course she is one of my faves...this girl literally never gets it wrong to me. She's ALWAYS on point when on the red carpet. I have been loving every choice she has made. She also said this dress weighed a TON. I think it matches her skin a little much, but the dress is just gorgeous. I absolutely loved her pastel earrings too. Cate also went home a winner! :) 

Jennifer Lawrence wearing Dior Haute Couture.
Stunning stunning. I think red looks great on all blondes. I loved her necklace that a had a nice party in the back going on. It draped beautifully. Poor thing just had to go and trip again! Lol. I feel so bad but she is so awesome to just laugh it off every time!
Kate Hudson wearing Atelier Versace.
Isn't this just gorgeous? I love white on her and she can just about wear anything. The make up and the hair were an A+ for me too. She ended up taking the cape off after the red carpet but I thought it was nice to see something a little different but still so glam!
Lupita Nyong'o wearing a gorgeous pastel Prada.
This girl wore just about every single color of the rainbow this awards season and I can't even pick one as my favorite because they all look so good on her. But, this one really made her look like a princess and she had to feel like one too when she won for best supporting actress! The headband I thought was so fun too. Something different.
Jessica Biel wearing Chanel Couture.
Can I say how excited I was to see her show up to a red carpet? She never comes out anymore! Lol. I loved this dress on her and the back was just gorgeous. It buttoned all the way down. Her figure is always just AMAZING so she could wear anything but this metallic dress was just stunning.
Angelina Jolie wearing Elie Saab. 
I love love Elie Saab dresses they are always so beautiful so put those two together...gorg. DUH. What I find weird though is that this dress on TV looked like a metallic gray...and it photographed gold. Strange but the dress is to die for. She's just so perfect!
And finally, my favorite dress of the night would HAVE to go to Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Reem Acra!
This dress is just perfection!!! The beaded the feathers the neckline. 
Everything about it for me just worked. She has simple jewelry on which let the dress do it's thing. I didn't see her on E's red carpet but I came across her pictures and just died.
 LOVE it!

So what did ya'll think of the fashion this year? 
Comment below! 


  1. Totally agree with all your choices!! Everyone looked stunning last night!! I'd have to say my favorite was Charlize Theron in Dior - she looked flawless!

  2. Jenna was most definitely my favorite. Followed VERY closely by Jessica.

  3. I flipped between the Academy Awards and TWD too! ha! I loved Sandra Bullock's look - she's always so classy! :)

  4. I think the only part of the Oscars I liked this year was Ellen. And obviously Jennifer Lawrence. She's my lover.