Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Fall Wreath

So even though my site is under construction, I just couldn't resist writing a post and sharing the wreath I made a couple weeks ago!

Unfortunately, I didn't think to take as many pictures as I should, but, it's pretty easy to do!

I have watched so many tutorials on how to make a wreath but I just decided to trial and error it. 

I bought:

1-24" Wire Wreath (Hobby Lobby)
2-Rolls of 5" Orange Deco Mesh (Hobby Lobby)
1-Roll of Green Chevron Burlap (Hobby Lobby)

I also had some leftover twine from another project so I decided to use that to tie my deco mesh to the wreath itself. 
Most tutorials will tell you to use pipe cleaners of whatever color the main part of your wreath will be. But, this worked out just fine for me! Only because I forgot to get pipe cleaner! Oops!

The easiest way I decided this was going to work for was to simply tie down the first part of the deco mesh to the wreath in a bunching fashion. I eventually did this ALL the way around the wreath just bunching and tying them down until I reached where I started. I started from the middle, second row. This is what it looked like...

So, of course that wasn't enough so I went around the most outside area of the wire wreath again with the deco mesh. Finally, I got the green chevron burlap ribbon and made a bow out of it to place on the top. So, my bow skills aren't exactly up to par, but I am so getting there! (I think!) Haha.

So here is the finished product.

I definitely think I did an okay job on my first try! It was really fun to make and kind of even looks like a pumpkin so, it would be a good Halloween/Thanksgiving/Fall transition. Was that enough / for you?! 

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