Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is It Fall Yet?

I am so ready for it to feel like Fall weather here in Texas!
I am ready to bust out my boots and sweaters and all the cute stuff I only get to wear a couple times a year due to the HOT weather here! :)

I've made a couple of Fall purchases these I just got from Target!

I have been trying to decide if I like these for the longest time...and I have found a few pairs I've wanted but the price tag was too much for me to pay for something I wasn't sure about.

So, I was on Target's page the other day looking for some dresses and I found these that were on sale for $20! These are going to be great for fall to pair with skinny jeans and a flowy top. 
I think if you are like me and you are unsure if you like them, then the $20 price point would be perfect to pay!

From reading the reviews on them EVERYONE on there LOVES these and says how comfortable they are and well made. So, can't beat that! They also have them in an assortment of colors!


I am also planning on ordering these from one of my favorite places to order shoes online: GOJANE.COM

They have the best deals on shoes and they are always made well. Right now they are running a promotion for 20% off! Use code SEPT20R

I had to retire my favorite boots last year they were similar to this but had the cutest bows on the sides. I've had them for years and they were practically falling I'm thinking this will be a good brown boot substitute! 

Check out some of the other styles they have too! They do free shipping for orders over $60!

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