Thursday, September 19, 2013

Sale Sale Sales!

So apparently I have a problem...I CAN NOT stop shopping Sales right now.
I am currently about to go to Hawaii so finding sundresses in September is kind of easy since all the Summer items are REALLY on sale right now.

I have literally been going crazy finding the best stuff! So, I wanna share a few of the awesome finds I just recently picked up!

First off..this excited about it and don't even know what to pair it with just yet. But, I know it'll translate perfectly into fall.

Photo credit: Eff Is For Fashion
Skirt: Forever21: Black Lace Skirt
Love this girl's blog BTW. She's gorgeous and has the best outfits!

This skirt is so so so cute...I haven't gotten it in yet, but I can not wait!
I paid $8.39 for this skirt!
It is on sale at Forever21 and they are doing an extra 30% off their already marked stuff. So, that brought it from $11.99 to $8.39!

I also got this from that sale...

I thought this would be great to pair with some really bright accessories some pink wedges I have! To brighten the whole look up! This dress was $15.99 and with the sale came out to $11.19. 

So go and check them out right now! Can't beat additional sales on sales! They have a TON of gorgeous items right now!

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