Monday, February 10, 2014

A Peek Inside My "Get Ready Room"

If you're like me you LOVE these kinds of posts...or peeks into someones home or their renovations. It's where I get all my ideas from for sure! I know this might not be some peoples favorites...but, I thought I'd share my "Get Ready Room" and hopefully inspire some decorating ideas for anyone! 
If you haven't checked out MakeupByTiffanyD's blog, you should. Not only does she do make up tutorials, she also does home decor posts all the time. Her house is GORGEOUS! So, this post is inspiration from that!

On to the room...we just moved in our house a few months ago, it has four bedrooms and two baths. One of the rooms is off the master bedroom, I think what it's supposed to be used for is  a nursery. But, since we aren't there yet, it's now a "Get Ready Room" and I love it! :)

I wanted to add some color to the room so I found this gorgeous painting at Tuesday Morning. It definitely brightened the entire room! 
The shelving unit is from Target. You can get it: HERE
The fabric drawers are also from Target. You can get them: HERE
The drawers are great to put random stuff in...I keep a bunch of my extra make up bags in there and some more books. 
Here's a view of the entire room. 
It soo needs some paint, but I can't decide what color to even use.
Suggestions are appreciated!
Here's a view of my Alex by Ikea drawer. You can get it: HERE
This thing is amazing. I have all my make up in here including some of my jewelry and I still have empty space in it. I did a post before of the contents, but I've changed it since then, so I'll do an updated post soon. 
*As you can see I broke my cute key decoration when we moved. So upset about that! :(
I was inspired to get that desk there by the girls over at EleventhGorgeous. 
They have the white one, I figured it was inexpensive and I like the way it was laid out.
You can get this desk from Amazon. I have to find the link!
The mirror I found at Tuesday Morning. It was a nasty gray color so I painted it black and I think it looks SO much better that way! Lot's of storage here for sure!
The small drawers here are from Walmart. You can get them: HERE
They hold all my got to makeup products. I'm considering switching to the completely clear acrylic ones, but these fit really well there.
These lipstick holders are my most favorite things ever! :) 
They are super affordable. You can get them from The Container Store: HERE
They hold 24 lipsticks and they are only $6.99! 
I'm also SUPER in love with my nail polish rack. As you can see I painted my nails last night because there are a couple missing! :) This rack I got from Amazon. I just typed in black nail polish rack and it came up. It's super easy to put together and to hang on the wall! I don't think I spent over $20 on it.
Every girl should have one of these things. Or something like it. I had this extra jewelry organizer so, I hung it on the closet door along with my extra head band and things. These are some of the earrings that have overflowed from my jewelry armoire. It's nice to have them out in the open so I can remember what I have and to remember to wear them. I forget about them sometimes!
Bed Bath and Beyond has this SUPER cute one that's shaped like a dress. I will probably be replacing this one with that one soon. Check it out: HERE
Lastly, my ode to the Friends know where they put a frame over their peephole on the door? I thought this would be cute to do around my light switch! :) It was a frame I got from Hobby Lobby, I just took the glass out and then ripped the attached backing from it. Makes that little area have some simple decor.

Well, there you have it! Just finally getting the room mostly together. 
If ya'll have any ideas for what else I could do I would SO appreciate them! 
I'm open to anything you can suggest! :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Monday! 

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  1. This was such a fun post, I cannot WAIT for my boyfriend &I to leave the apartment life behind &get a house so I can have an area. In our new apartment we have a walk in closet and he tried to think of a way to put a vanity area in there but... that's a tight squeeze! I would totally suggest acrylic drawers, i have a little acrylic tray and i LOVE how it looks!

    TiffanyD is amazing, btw!

    1. Thank you Kai! :) I'm going to definitely look into getting some acrylic drawers. They are just so nice looking! Thank you for stopping by!

  2. This room looks great - I'd love to have a whole room dedicated to getting ready!! Maybe one day - I too love these posts and some of their makeup collections are outrageous lol!

  3. This is soooo awesome! I loooove it!

  4. What an awesome room!! I wish I had a room like that - I totally need it! You are so organized :)

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

  5. Your "get ready" room is super cute! :)