Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jordana Fabuliner BOLD Review/Winner

And the verdict is...


Ladies, this is the best eyeliner for your money. No doubt.
I first tried the Jordana Fabuliner after seeing CarliBybel rave about it for so long.
Then to hear that I can go to my local Walgreens and pick it up for about $2.00? 
I had to try it.
Since then, I've been using it constantly. It doesn't smear for me at all and it stays on throughout the day. I never have any issues. 
I was browsing some products to pick up for my sister for her birthday the other day because she loves all things make up, and I came across another type of Jordana Fabuliner. 
This was the liner in BOLD. It's a fatter stick but still goes on VERY precisely. 
I love it! I find it really easy to use as well. 
Pretty sure I only paid about $3.00 for this one too! 
Can't beat that!

Go pick yourself up one! 

Also, I wanted to say congrats to:
Maggie W.
For winning the $75 Victoria's Secret Gift Card!


  1. Seriously can't beat that price!! I'll have to give this a try for my smokey eye look!

  2. Girl you can't beat it! Plus, I'm pretty much sold if CarliBybel endorses it! :)