Monday, December 2, 2013

Feliz Navi-Dog! Gift Ideas!

So, if you're like might have a slight obsession with your dog and you can't forget them when the holidays roll around!
I wanted to share with ya'll some puppy gift ideas! 
1. Martha Stewart Pets Teether Toy-Here
2. LaserPets-Chevron Stripe Personalized Collar-Here
3. Great Choice Christmas Bone-Here
4. Christmas Dog House-Here
5. SewItThemes-Dog Christmas Paw Stocking-Here

I thought these were some GREAT ideas for the pet lover! 
They are all priced REALLY great!
Especially the stocking from SewItThemes! It's $9.00 shipped! Such a great deal!

Zoey is pretty much like my child so I spoil her a little much!
Not even mad about it! She deserves it every bit! :)

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