Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 Grammy Fashion Faves

LOVED  the Grammy's last night! 
Although, I wished the winners were a little different. I really enjoyed the show! 
First off, we just need to breath this in a little...
Beyonce KILLED it last night! When does she not though?
LOVED their performance and she looked AMAZING.

Okay, on to the fashion!
Looks like there was a lot of reds or golds, or nude colors this year. Nothing too crazy!
Here are my choice favorites...

Giuliana Rancic wearing Australian designer Alex Perry. I thought this color was beautiful and the lace was so pretty! 
Taylor Swift wearing this STUNNING what she called "chain mail" Gucci dress. I think this was my most fave. If you got a closer peek at it the top of the dress the detailing was to die for!
I have to comment on the fact that Miranda Lambert is looking better than ever! She is slim and looking completely studding in this Pamella Rowland dress. The color is gorgeous on her too! I love blondes in red!
Next, Chrissy Teigen aka John Legend's model wife. This dress was so beautiful on her and only she could pull off that high slit. She's wearing Johanna Johnson. I'm hearing more and more about this designer and her dresses are just beautiful. As you can see here!
So excited to see Pink back in action! Her performance was so amazing! Not only is her voice one of the best but she is so talented with her acrobatics! She's so unique! So, I was so excited to see another blonde in red. She looked absolutely stunning in this once again Johanna Johnson dress.
Ohhh Katy Perry, how I love thee! Haha. She's always so unique and I love her for it! This dress was no different! I LOVE how perfect this Valentino dress was for the Grammy's! It is really like a work of art.
Last but not least, the Queen B. Beyonce. In my favorite designer EVER Michael Costello. LOVE this dress and the things he can do with his dresses are just insane! Only thing I don't love is her hair...and to cut her some slack she did this wet look for the opening but...hey, she's Beyonce. Do what you do!

What was your favorite part of the Grammy's? Comment below!

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  1. I absolutely looooved Katy Perry's performance.... It was so diff than her usual bubblegum popishness. I also really liked Pink and I always love Miranda!

    1. That's so true! It was really nice to see her dark side for once! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. We had a lot of the same faves!! I wasn't that impressed with the show at all and sadly missed Beyonce and Jay Z's performance!

    1. Yeah, some parts weren't that exciting. I really don't even know who Daft Punk is and they cleaned up! You have to watch Beyonce and Jay-Z though. That was the most exciting for me! :)

  3. How in the world does Beyonce look THAT good in that revealing dress after having a baby? Seriously, it's magical… And Michael Costello was one of my favorites on Project Runway so I feel like I'm seeing an old friend succeed which warms my Project Runway loving heart! :)

    1. I know! I watched him on there too! It's nice to see he's really doing well! I follow him on Instagram so I'm getting to see all his really nice designs all the time! I would DIE for one of his dresses! :)