Monday, January 20, 2014

January Ipsy Bag Review

 It's that time of the month again! 
Ipsy Bags are arriving!
I just got mine and it's pretty interesting this month!
My first impression this month...well it isn't the best...I'm not loving the bag they chose at all. 
The last months I've been with Ipsy the bags have been AMAZING! This month was kind of lackluster and not to mention mine arrived with a broken zipper which has never happend. :(
For the products...a lot different than usual...they are so so. I'm excited to try most of them, but wish there was more make up in the bag.
So here are my thoughts on the products...
Epice-Purifying Exfoliant
1.0 oz.
($32.00 for Large)
Approximate Value: $6.00
I am always down for an exfoliant. My skin stays dry year round and I always need a little pick me up sometimes. So, doing an exfoliant every now an then really helps my skin out. I liked this one. It's not my favorite that I've ever used but it's definitely a nice product to try out! It's a little on the pricey side for full size so if you want to splurge...go for it! 
Proactiv+-Mark Fading Pads
4 pieces
($40.00 for Entire Kit)
Approximate Value: $6.00
I wasn't really excited to see these in my ipsy bag. I was like proactiv? Really? So, little let down. This isn't a product I would automatically go out and buy but, I am going to give these a whirl. I haven't had a chance just yet. They are supposed to be able to fade away acne marks and unclog pores. I love the description of it and what it can do because I certainly can benefit from a product like this. So, I'm going to use the four pads they sent and see if I can see any difference!
yaby- Liquid Foundation
15.4 g
Color: Buff (Neutral)
($13.99 for 15.4 g)
Approximate Value: $13.99
This was a nice foundation if you like light to medium coverage. I'm a more full coverage kind of girl because I have had bad skin in the past. So, I don't really tend to buy anything that is light coverage. But, the color was nice, and it did look nice on the skin. Definitely a product I would check out other items in their line.
Briogeo-Don't Despair, Repair Deep Conditioning Mask
1.0 oz.
($26.00 for 5.25 oz)
Approximate Value: $4.95
I'm always down for a good deep conditioning mask. This one is pretty good. Reminds me of any other deep conditioning mask. The amount in the bag really was only enough for about one good use because I have longer hair. Overall it was a nice product.
Mica Beauty-Tinted Lip Balm
2.5 g
Color: Natural
($30.00 for 4g)
Approximate Value: $18.75
So, I was pretty excited about this being in my bag. I've received one of their products before in my ipsy bag and I really liked it. The last one they sent was a red color and I was really happy with it. I got natural and it looks really nice on my lips. Perfect amount of color and would be good to use daily! Definitely going to keep this in my purse.


  1. What do you find to be the biggest difference between the Ipsy bag vs. something like a birch box…sounds like they were really good products especially the hair mask!!

  2. Well, I've had some friends that have been members of BirchBox for a while and it seems like they are always getting a bunch of those little perfume samples or even food. I really like that Ipsy stays true to beauty products every single time and the fact that you get a little make up bag every time is awesome! I've loved every single product I've gotten from Ipsy so far. I decided on getting Ipsy over BirchBox too from watching EleventhGorgeous on YouTube. They always do a BirchBox vs. Ipsy. You should check them out! :)

  3. The lip balm looks amazing, I love that it just has a tint of color!


  4. It is soo pretty. It's the perfect hint of color! :) Thanks for stopping by Brittany!

  5. Nice post!! I got similar things in my bag. I was a little concerned about the Proactiv stuff, cuz really? Like you said. But they work pretty well actually! :)

    1. I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought that about the Proactiv. I have to agree though, first time I applied them to my face I could feel it working! Thanks for stopping by Margo!